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What is Modernization
Elevator modernization is the updating of an elevator's equipment to make it more reliable, bring it up code compliance, reduce repair expenses or increase the safety of the elevator system.

In today's ever changing and highly competitive environment, building owners and property managers find that outdated elevator systems are a major reason for tenant dissatisfaction. Advancements in technology have changed the way in which an elevator system functions. This perception has a direct reflection of the building itself.

For over 10 years, china xinyuan Elevator has witnessed and been a part of each advancement. They have established an excellent reputation among building owners and property managers as the premier elevator company that combines excellent customer satisfaction and enhanced elevator modernization. Modernization will not only improve the aesthetic appearance of your interior and exterior, but will bring your elevator up to current city codes. Most importantly modernization of and older elevator unit will greatly improve performance and safety throughout your entire system.China xinyuan Elevator modernization services allow building and property mangers to concentrate on their business.

Let us come out and survey your equipment to do an analysis of the current elevator equipments ability to service your building in a safe and reliable manner.

We can come out to your building, Condo meeting or other theatre to present our recommendation via print outs, power point presentation or a walk through in other buildings we have recently completed.

Explain safety, efficiency, capital improvement benefits and the entire process of the modernization project.

Below you find more information about many of the ways we can bring your elevator up-to-date:

Elevator Controllers 

Power Units 

Door Operator 

Safety and Effeciency Options 

Solid State Motor Starter 

Elevator Phone 

Emergency Lighting & Alarm

Full Door Protection Unit

Door Restrictor 

Braille & Safety Signs 

Cab Interiors 

Emergency Battery Lowering

Cylinder Replacement 

Cylinder Life Jacket

Elevator Cab Pads 

Keyed Stop Switch

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